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:: Final Fantasy X ::

Do YOU want to beat final fantasy 10
Try some of these Game Shark Codes for
P.S. 2 (what do you know they might
help you out.)

(M) Must Be On !!! This 2 line (M) code MUST be entered properly and activated for any of these codes to function properly! 0E3C7DF21645EBB3 0C08E7C3F8A9A297 ! ! NOTE ! ! Activate codes only after you have completeed the Sphere Grid Tutorial. ! ! NOTE ! !

Infinite Gil3C28CEF785F19EFF:o)
Al Bhed Fully Translated3C28CDBFFBFFFFFF??????
No Random Battles1C2870F6F8FCFEFE??????
Yuna In Party1C28E73BF8FCFE01??????
Auron In Party1C28E8CFF8FCFE01??????
Kimahri In Party1C28E863F8FCFE01??????
Wakka In Party1C28E9F7F8FCFE01??????
Lulu In Party1C28E98BF8FCFE01??????
Rikku In Party1C28EA1FF8FCFE01??????
Seymour In Party1C28EAB3F8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Ifrit In Party1C28ECDBF8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Ixion In Party1C28EC6FF8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Shiva In Party1C28ED03F8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Bahamut In Party1C28ED97F8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Anima In Party1C28EE2BF8FCFE01??????
Aeon-Yojimbo In Party1C28EEBFF8FCFEF1??????
Aeon-Cindy Magus In Party1C28EF53F8FCFE01:o)
Aeon-Sandy Magus In Party1C28F0E7F8FCFE01:o)
Aeon-Mindy Magus In Party1C28F07BF8FCFE01:o)

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