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Fiction: Not true. Need I say more?

Welcome to this site, full of links to great Fanfiction, as well a few of my own.

I hope you enjoy them, and e-mail me to tell me things you like, and sadly what you didn't.

Also, other Hanfic pages that you won't be able to get enough of. It all rocks!

A few of my own

(hanson Fiction)

Two Different Worlds

When two worlds collide, is it for the best?

Sleeping Helpless

His face is pale and almost lifeless, his blond hair sweeps down on the white pillow his delicate rests upon.

When Closet Doors are Locked.

Sometimes coming out of the closet isn't as easy as seen on television....and what about when closet doors are locked?

I've been waiting.

"I do, I love you more than anything..."

Some EXCELLENT Stories.

Nick's Story- Zac Says Tay Still Wets The Bed.

An Awesome ass story that has been nominated for almost every Hanfic Award going! That says enough doesn't it? But go and read it! I can't stop saying how freaking cool it is, and if you've finished it, there are always the sequels to read! My god, it totally blew me away, and I hope you see what I'm rambling on about! GO NOW!

Shelby-If only they knew

What happens when a girl gets between the Hanson brothers? REALLY wanna know? Well this is the story to find out. And it's okay, just in case you haven't quite figured out what fiction is -it's not real!! Shelby is a very gifted writer, so please support her, and read. Totally talented.

Nothing But the Best.-Zac

Written by Zac (Not Hanson). This story is one of those "edge of your seaters". Incredibly good read about the down side to being a famous musician with your brothers. Very cool story that just makes you wanna read it over, and over and over and over get the point.

I might just advertise these stories forever!

Hey guys, thanks for droping round, and as you can see if you've been here more than once (thankyou), I don't get to update a lot, so below I have a new updates/news/whatever page that I hope you will find of some use. -Sariah


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