The National Wallace Monument

The Monument was officially opened on a rainy day on 23rd June 1861. The Victorian people there were commemorating their great compatriot William Wallace who, almost 564 years before, had brought his men rushing down that very hill to defeat a superior English army as it crossed the River Forth.The Monument was designed by Capt J.T.Roehead, it stands 220ft high and I have counted all 246 steps to the top!! From the top you can see where the 'Battle Of Stirling' and 'Falkirk' both took place (you can see these views on the following page).Incidentally the statue in the foreground is a recent addition to the site and is by a local sculptor.

The Real William Wallace
The 'Mel Gibson' William Wallace
The Actual Sword Of William Wallace
The Stirling Bridge & Bannockburn Site