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9th Info



"The OCTOFOIL is a device that dates back to the 15th Century, when it was customary for each son to have an individual mark of distinction. Under the rules of heraldry there are eight foils or positions. Heraldic rules gave the OCTOFOIL to the ninth son, a device symbolic of his being surrounded by eight brothers. These rules and the symbolism of the OCTOFOIL make it a logical and correct insignia for the 9th Infantry Division." (Taken from the OCTOFOIL Magazine, Vol 1 No.1)

Like the description of the heraldry of the OCTOFOIL states, the "OCTOFOIL" in the banners of the OCTOFOIL Web Ring are a mark of distinction for 9th Division related web sites in this web ring, and the purpose of this OCTOFOIL Web Ring is to surround our webmaster brothers and sisters symbolically with the "Next" and "Previous" hyper-links in the banner.  The background color of this web page is called "Aquamarine" and represents the many waters that the 9th Infantry Division has had to cross and fight in.

This web site was originally created with the help of and advice from Paul Kasper and Leon Baldwin.

If you have any questions or comments - please send it to the Ringmaster Curtis Hatterman - or Assistant Paul Kasper

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