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I was born in San Jose, California. My birth date is August 26th, 1979. I don't remember, but I have been told that I was premature by 6 weeks. I spent the first week of my life in the premie unit of the hospital, then one week at home and then back to the hospital for two weeks because I got pneumonia. We lived in San Jose until I was about three years old when we moved to Hollister, California. There we had 5 acres and a pony. I got to spend a lot of time outdoors and I liked that. My first real memories come from this small farm. WE had a goat that used to chase me. I wasn't that fond of the goat. One time my grandpa came to see us and he walked too close to the goat. The goat caught grandpa by the leg with his horn and put poor grandpa on his rear. It didn't hurt him but it was funny. At about age 5 we moved to Morgan Hill, California. I lived there all through fourth grade.

I'm told that I was very active as a child. My family nick name was Noah-boa. All I remember is I liked to have fun and didn't like to stay put much. I liked to sing and would sing all the time. If I couldn't remember a song I would make it up. I had several friends in the neighborhood and probably my first girl friend. Her name was Brianna Ainge. She lived several blocks away and I would use any excuse possible to go over to her neighborhood.

We moved to Utah when I was in the 5th grade. We lived in an area that had lots of kids and I had quite a few friends. I didn't like school much and I remember my parents had to go to school a lot to talk to my teachers. Some teachers liked me and I liked them. Others didn't like my personality and so I would give them a bad time. I'm not super proud of this now but, that was school. I was never drawn into sports because I didn't like the way most of the coaches treated the kids.

I tried out for several plays in Junior High School but never got any decent parts, probably because I was known as a cut-up. I couldn't stand to have things dull all the time. I realize now that most teachers don't like cut-ups like I was. Oh well, that is past me now.

In High School I realized that I liked to dance and I liked acting. We had a pretty good drama and ballroom program in our high school. We put on some pretty good plays, but unfortunatly my reputation preceeded me and I was not considered very seriously as a talent. I had several small parts but then we decided to do the musical, "Once on this Island." I was cast as Papa Ge. I really took to this part. Probably because it had several good songs and was the devil type. I really put myself into this part and had a lot of fun.

After the play was over, I decided I really wanted to go after a career in acting. I got an agent and shortly after that I got my first big job. It was a National Ad for IOMEGA, disk drives. The character was Johnny Crash. He was that all American goof-up. The point of the ad was that if Johnny was your son and played on your computer you had better have a back-up drive. In the TV ad I drove a lawn mower across all the sprinkler heads and water was shooting up all over while I mowed and listened to a walkman. It was a lot of fun and just made me want to stay in this more.

My agent was able to get me a few more small commercials and then I got an appearance on "Promised Land", which shoots in Utah. This was my first experience with politics of acting. I was to have a speaking part and got the script and everything. However, the director saw me and said that I clashed too much with another kid who had more lines. We both had the same color hair and the director didn't like that, so I lost my lines and a kid with dark hair got the lines. I realized that more times than not when you are in minor parts, it is as much a look as talent that gets you the part. It was a hard lesson. If you are ever looking at old episodes of "Promised Land" watch for a blond kid running in a line around a track. That is all I got to do, but my parents cheered as loud as if I had the lead. Later I got another chance on the same show. This time I got to say, "Do you want another beer?" It was an episode about drinking and driving. From what my parents are saying, it is very appropriate right now.

Some time after that I got a small part in Johnny Tsunami. I was the only actor from Utah. The rest of the actors were from Los Angeles. I was treated like that too. The director treated me like a nobody and I hated it. I came away from that experience knowing that I would never get ahead unless I moved to Los Angeles. I first discussed it with my parents and they weren't too excited, especially my Dad.

After I convinced them that it was the only way that I would ever get ahead, they gave me their blessing and I moved down to LA. I found an apartment with a friend that wanted to go to LA also and we were off. I have to admitt that it was rough at first. We barely made enough money to pay the rent and our car payments. We ate alot of noodles and tacos from you know where. I went on a "butt load" of auditions. I got a two or three liner on "Days of Our Lives", and my agent said that positive things were coming. I was working as a reservation clerk at a major Hotel and I really wanted positive things to come, soon!

I will never forget the first Audition for 2gether. My agent said that it could be a big deal, because it was MTV doing the movie. I went and it was so depressing. There were about 100 guys sitting there waiting to be called. I had to walk in front of all of them and they weren't very encouraging at all. It was a real drag, everyone was looking at each other and the whole scene was negative. I did my thing and they said very good Noah, and I left. I thought that I did so horrible. I knew that that one was just an experience that I would look back on as a time to grow.

I got a little more excited when I got a call back, but then it was still, very good Noah, we'll call you. I had several of these and didn't think that I was getting anywhere. In the mean time, my agent kept saying that "Days of Our Lives", might be making a place for me in their script. That kept me going.

In Oct. I went to Utah for my grandma Flossie's funeral. I was to find out that Friday if I got the part in 2gether. My agent said to go ahead to Utah for the funeral and if they called she would get me in Utah. Well, they called and I was off to Reno, the very next day. I felt badly about missing my grandma's funeral, however, she was a great fan and supporter of mine, since I was little and my Mom said she would have understood.

We recorded the songs for 2gether in three days in Reno, then I went back to LA for a few days. Then it was off to Vancouver for the filming. The rest is pretty much documented elsewhere.

I just want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of 2gether and all of us guys in the movie. It has been like a dream come true. Filming the movie and seeing how the extras looked at us was exciting, until you realize they were all being paid to scream and behave like that. It wasn't until the movie premier that I started to believe that it was all true. Even now, I have to pinch myself to see if I'm not dreaming. Thank you all so much for your love and support.

-Noah Bastian

Full name: Noah Dale Bastian (a.k.a. Chad Linus, the Sea-Doo-loving, Star Wars-quoting "Shy One" of MTV's boy band spoof "2Gether")

Birthdate: August 26, 1979 (Virgo)

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah (born in San Jose, California and now lives in Los Angeles)

Status: (And we quote) "Totally single right now"

Last great movie he saw: "Girl, Interrupted"

Fave TV show: Will & Grace

Fave actor: Josh Hartnett (In fact, super sweet Noah gives props to his fellow actor by saying he thinks Josh is gonna be a huge star.)

Fave actress: Angelina Jolie

Fave band: Rage Against the Machine

Britney or Christina? "Definitely Britney! I met her before '2Gether' came out, and she's one of the nicest people I've ever met. No matter what she's doing, how busy she is, she just acts like she's happy to meet you." (Hmmm, are we picking up on a little somethin' somethin' here . . . )

Secret celeb crush: A tie between Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie. (That's what we thought!)

Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync?:

"Recently, I've liked 'N Sync's music more, but I like the Backstreet Boys too."