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Jerry O'Keefe (Evan Farmer)

Name: Jerry O' Keefe a.k.a: Evan Farmer Jr

Known As: The Heartthrob

Born: 7.28.78

Astrological sign: Leo

Signature dance move: Corkscrew as seen in "Say It, Don't Spray It"

In my spare time I like to: Spoon my girlfriend Erin, my girlfriend

Favorite CDs: Anything and everything by Backstreet, 'NSync, 98 Degrees, Britney, and Christina Aguilera

Favorite food: Spaghetti with red pepper sauce

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie: Spinal Tap

What I look for in a woman: Someone with a nice personality who makes me laugh

If I were an animal, I'd be...: A beaver because…

Deepest darkest secret: I was the REAL voice behind Vanilli of Milli Vanilli.