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Full Name: Evan Farmer, Jr.

Birthplace: Asmara, Ethiopia

Birthdate: July 28, 1972

Age: 28

Current residence: LA

Occupation: Actor

Siblings: sisters-Molly Farmer and Eliza Farmer, who is a doctor in California

Ethnic background: Partly Welsh

Pets: 2 birds 1 Cockatiel "Woody" and 1 Conure "Clyde"

Hobbies: Writing songs on guitar, all outdoor sports I can find

Best Friends: My Mother, Father, and Two Sisters

Few words to describe yourself: adventurous, diverse, kind, inquisative, conscientious

Favorites: exciting people and places

Fav. Actor/Actress: Right now it's Ed Norton, but it changes almost weekly

Fav. Singer/Group: All time Fav. is James Taylor, and currently it's a group calle "Jump Little Children" from South Carolina

Fav. Movie: Life Is Beautiful

Fav. Song/Album: "Fire and Rain," off of James Taylor Live

Fav. Book: Huckleberry Finn

Fav. Color: (is it really blue?) This too changes but right now it's yellow

Fav. Food: I'm into fruit a whole lot right now

Fav. Place: Glouster Virginia on the York River (across from Williamsburg). I spent much of my childhood there

Fav. TV Show: I tend to watch just about everything on the Discovery channel as well as TLC and A&E, but my favorite sitcom is still "Cheers"

Fav. Sports: skydiving, hiking, beach vollyball, soccer, everything!!!!

Fav. Holiday: Halloween

Fav. Cartoon Character: Charlie Brown ~ I think?!

High school: in Towson, Maryland

College: studied Architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans; graduated in 1995<-------I live in New Orleans!

Interesting fact: when Evan talks or writes in rhymes, that means he's been awake for too many days straight

Height: 5'10"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Shoes: 8 and 1/2

Waist: 32

Shirt: 15 1/2 - 32

Suit Size: 42P (?)

Stage credits: Include Sparky in Forever Plaid, Gene Daly in The Daly News, Chip in On The Town, Phil in Boy's Life, Will in Some Enchanted Evening, and "The Boy" of the off-Broadway musical The Fantasticks. (the cast of "the fantasticks")

Television credits: Include Steve on "Guiding Light," and providing voices for MTV's "Daria" and "Celebrity Death Match (for the Backstreet Boys)." Also several national commercials, such as the Midol Commercial where Evan plays the boyfriend of the blond girl at the bowling alley.

Interesting facts: Evan was on tour with the "Backstreet Boys of Russia," Na-Na, in 1997; Also, Evan apparently used a different last name when he was acting in Louisiana back in 1995.

What's coming up: Evan has a small part in the upcoming film "Shaft," featuring Samuel Jackson, which will be in the theaters on July 4, 2000.

A brief biography written by Evan himself

"Ok, so here's a brief history... I was born in Asmara Ethiopia (my dad went to VMI and served his four years there instead of Vietnam) I went to High school in Towson Maryland and College at Tulane. The Fantasticks Bio covers some of the work I've done but some points of interest are that I did the voices of the Backstreet boys on Celebrity Death Match, and toured with the "Backstreet Boys of Russia" in `97 in Russia's most sucessful band to date called Na-Na. I just finished a small part in the re-make of the Film "Shaft" with Samuel Jackson due out on July 4th (don't blink or you'll miss me in the opening scene!) I'm not sure if you knew this as well, but track 7 of the 2gether album I actually wrote with Nigel (using some of the Gunn cousins lyrics - they wrote the movie) which is the song I sing at the beginning of the movie when I get "discovered" by Bob Buss. OK, I think that's more than one person should ever mention about themselves at one time..... but since I can't send any pictures, I hoped that would suffice."


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