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Name: Full Name: Alexzander Joshua Solowitz (Alex Solowitz)

Birthday: December 15, 1979

Current Residence: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA

Marital Status: Single


Hair/Eye Color:Blond/Blue

Shoe Size: 13

Siblings: Aleeza (18 sister), Logan (22 stepsister), Chris (23 stepbrother){Chris and Logan live in the Bay Area} Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite TV Show: Married With Children

Favorite Food: Falafel (it's Israeli)

Favorite Acting Job: 2ge+her

Dream role/Part: To be on Saturday Night Live

Worst Audition Experience: "Last year I went out for Everybody Loves Raymond and the casting director yelled at me for not having the script. I just booked Everybody Loves Raymond friday (March 10, 2000). In her face. haha!"

Best Audition: "Going out for 2ge+her. I knew I booked before I went in."

Acting Credits: Saved By the Bell the New Class, Never Been Kissed, 2Gether