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WELCOME TO THE OUTLAWS ZONE! This page isn't too much yet, but I hope to turn it into an Outlaws page like no other!


To use the maps unzip them(ALL of the contents) into the main Outlaws directory. That's it.

Gangsta - Map that takes place in a small city, sewer area, and a warehouse. Must try Deathmatch a Capture the Flag!

Wtf:A Space Adventure - A map in outer space that is very original and fun! A must try. Not yet finished.

Outpost - Mullyvan's first map. In an old Outpost.... Fun and creavtive try it!

MUMMY-The BETA version of my map based on the new movie, The Mummy starring Brandon Frasier etc. This IS NOT DONE, but I still think it's pretty cool, so check it out!

DEAD - My first map, a pretty strange map with unusual gravity! You should really try it I think it's fun. I will soon have a review for it.

TWOFORT- My second map which is made exclusively for Capture The Flag play. I wanted to have a staight-on CTF map kinda like Team Fortress for Quake, but when I learn Lawmaker a little better I will make a map made exactly like TF, anyway until then you can play this<:)> It's a fun map and you should try it. Review coming soon!

Other maps coming soon: Jamaica and complete version of Mummy


To use the files unzip them into the main Outlaws directory(sound familiar?). That's it(talk about deja vu!). Dr. Death NWX replacement- A file that turns Dr. Death(for exaple in multiplayer mode)into a hilarious, um, guy! You HAVE to see it you'll laugh, probably, if you have the right sense of humor. Check it out!


Here are some Map previews!!!

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