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Timeline For The Wall
This page is a timeline of events involving The Wall album and movie on display at The Wall exhibit at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Wall Timeline

JULY 6, 1977- Pink Floyd plays the final show of its In the Flesh tour at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. After the show, Roger Waters begins to conceptualize The Wall.
JULY 1978- Waters presents The Wall to Pink Floyd for the first time. Recording begins shortly thereafter.
NOVEMBER 30, 1979-The Wall is released.
FEBRUARY 7-11, 1980-The Wall is performed onstage for the first time, at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles. Pink Floyd will perform The Wall live a total of just 29 times.
SEPTEMBER 7, 1981- Shooting begins on the movie version, written by Waters and directed by Alan Parker.
JULY 14, 1982- The movie has its world premiere at the Empire Theatre in London.
JULY 21, 1990- Roger Waters performs The Wall at Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Marianne Faithfull, Thomas Dolby and others take part in the performance, which is a benefit for the World Memorial Fund for Disaster Relief.
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