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Shine On

Disc 1: Let There Be More Light (Waters) 5:38
Remember A Day (Wright) 4:33
Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun (Waters) 5:28
Corporal Clegg (Waters) 4:13
A Saucerful of Secrets: Something Else/Syncopated Pandemonium/Storm Signal/Celestial Voices (Pink Floyd) 11:57
See Saw (Wright) 4:36
Jugband Blues (Barrett) 3:00
Disc 2: One of These Days (I'm Gonna Cut You Into Little Pieces) (Pink Floyd) 5:57
A Pillow of Winds (Pink Floyd) 5:07
Fearless (Pink Floyd) 6:05
San Tropez (Pink Floyd) 3:40
Seamus (Pink Floyd) 2:13
Echoes (Pink Floyd) 23:31
Disc 3: Speak To Me (Mason) 1:14
Breathe (Waters/Gilmour/Wright) 2:43
On The Run (Gilmour/Waters) 2:43
Time/Breathe (Reprise) (Pink Floyd) 7:05
The Great Gig In The Sky (Wright) 4:47
Money (Waters) 6:23
Us and Them (Waters/Wright) 7:48
Any Colour You Like (Gilmour/Mason/Wright) 3:25
Brain Damage (Waters) 3:50
Eclipse (Waters) 2:06
Disc 4: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V (Waters/Gilmour/Wright) 13:37
Welcome To The Machine (Waters) 7:30
Have a Cigar (Waters) 5:24
Wish You Were Here (Gilmour/Waters) 5:17
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX 12:28
Disc 5: Pigs On The Wing Part 1 (Waters) 1:24
Dogs (Waters/Gilmour) 17:06
Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Waters) 11:30
Sheep (Waters) 10:18
Pigs On The Wing Part 2 1:24
Disc 6: In The Flesh? (Waters) 3:18
The Thin Ice (Waters) 2:29
Another Brick In The Wall Part 1 (Waters) 3:09
The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Waters) 1:21
Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Waters) 3:59
Mother (Waters) 5:37
Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters) 2:46
Empty Spaces (Waters) 2:08
Young Lust (Waters/Gilmour) 3:30
One of My Turns (Waters) 3:37
Don't Leave Me Now (Waters) 4:16
Another Brick In The Wall Part 3 (Waters) 1:21
Goodbye Cruel World (Waters) 1:10
Disc 7: Hey You (Waters) 4:40
Is There Anybody Out There (Waters) 2:39
Nobody Home (Waters) 3:24
Vera (Waters) 1:33
Bring The Boys Back Home (Waters) 2:39
Comfortably Numb (Gilmour/Waters) 6:23
The Show Must Go On (Waters) 1:36
In The Flesh (Waters) 4:16
Run Like Hell (Gilmour/Waters) 4:23
Waiting For The Worms (Waters) 3:57
Stop (Waters) :30
The Trial (Ezrin/Waters) 5:19
Outside The Wall (Waters) 1:43
Disc 8: Signs of Life (Pink Floyd)
Learning To Fly (Gilmour/Moore/Ezrin/Carin)
The Dogs of War (Gilmour/Moore)
One Slip (Gilmour/Manzanera)
On The Turning Away (Gilmour/Moore)
Yet Another Movie/Round And Around (Gilmour/Leonard)
A New Machine Part 1 (Gilmour)
Terminal Frost (Pink Floyd)
A New Machine Part 2 (Gilmour)
Sorrow (Gilmour)
Disc 9: Arnold Layne (Barrett) 2:51
Candy And A Currant Bun (Barrett) 2:38
See Emily Play (Barrett) 2:50
Scarecrow (Barrett) 2:07
Apples And Oranges (Barrett) 3:01
Paintbox (Wright) 3:27
It Would Be So Nice (Wright) 3:39
Julia Dream (Waters) 2:28
Point Me At The Sky (Waters/Gilmour) 3:35
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Pink Floyd) 5:40


Other Information:
Released: 1992
Producers: Pink Floyd, Bob Ezrin, Norman Smith, James Guthrie, David Gilmour and Roger Waters
Sales: 1 Million
Cover Designer: Storm Thorgerson
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