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Obscured By Clouds

Obscured By Clouds (Waters/Gilmour) 3:05
When You're In (Pink Floyd) 2:30
Burning Bridges (Wright/Waters) 3:30
The Gold It's In The... (Waters/Gilmour)3:07
Wot's... Uhh The Deal (Waters/Gilmour) 5:08
Mudmen (Wright/Gilmour) 4:20
Childhood's End (Gilmour) 4:32
Free Four (Wright/Waters) 4:15
Stay (Wright/Waters) 4:05
Absolutely Curtains (Pink Floyd) 5:52

David Gilmour: Guitar, vocals
Roger Waters: Bass, guitar, vocals
Rick Wright: Keyboards, vocals
Nick Mason: Drums


Other Information:
Released: 1972
Producers: Pink Floyd
Sales: .5 Million
Singles From Album:
Free Four
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