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If you are a CHS Alumni and a veteran of military service or are serving now,email your branch of service, years served and year of CHS graduation to edrich@pldi.net. In the interest of space and posting time, do not send bios. If you know of a CHS Alumni who is a deceased veteran, we would like to list them also. To update a listing, please let me know.

- A -

- B -

Frank Bengs, Class of 1966,USN/1967-1971

James Billings,Class of 1948,US Army/1949-1952

Max Blackmon,Class of 1940,US Army/1942-1945

Bennie Blevins(Deceased),Class of 1929,US Army/1939-1945

Joe E. Brant(Deceased),Class of 1934,USN/1940-?

Vane M. Brant(Deceased),Class of 1932,USN/1942-1945

William Brant,Class of 1943,USN/1943-1946

Edward Albert Briscoe,Class of 1940,USN(Reserve)/1942-1945

Archie Doyle Brock, Class of 1951, US Army/1953-1055

Edward A. Brock, Class of 1966, USAF/1966-1970

William J. Brown, Jr.,Class of 1952,US Army/1957-1959

A. W. Brownlee,Class of 1950,US Army/1952-1954

Charles E. Broyles,Class of 1947, USAF/1952-1956

Ed Bruce(Deceased),Class of 1938, US Army/1942-1972

Billy F. Burke,Class of 1942, USN/1942-46

- C -

Dortis Carmichael,Class of 1939, USN/1942-1945

Elmer Carmichael,Class of 1940,US Coast Guard/1942-1945

Jim Carmichael(Deceased),Korea

Chris Cassiday, Class of 1972,USAF/ 1974-1985

John W. Chambers(CHS thru 1949), US Army/1953-1955

Mike Channel,Class of 1977,1977/1982

Kenneth (Skeeter) Christian, Class of 1980, USAF/1982-1992

Jimmy Bert Clanin,Class of 1947,USAF/1951-1972

Rebecca Click, Class of 1993, US Army 1997-2006

Steve Clingman,Class of 1966,USMC/1967-1970

Timothy L. Clubb,Class of 1977,USMC/1982- present

Jerry Cole, Class of 1971,USN/27 years

Larry Cole, Class of 1965, USN/1965-69 & 1973-1995

Glen Cook,Class of 1935,(Branch?)/1944-1945

Merlin L. Cook, Class of 1925, USAF/1942-1945

Dale Coonfield,Class of 1989,USAF/1992-Current

Doug Cummings,Class of 1947

Ronald E. Chambers(Deceased), Class of 1953, USAF/1954-1956

Stephen Joe Clingman,Class of 1966, USMC

Timmy Crick,Class of 1991,USN/1991-1995

Earl Cunard(Deceased),Class of 1947, U.S. Army

- D -

Dennis Davison, Class of 1969,US Army/1970-1976

Charles M. Dodson,Class of 1961,US Army/1964-1966

Charles Dugger, Class of 1954, USN/1952-1960

Kevin Dyer,Class of 1985, US Army/1985-Present

Dr. James Ray "Jim" Dzur,Class of 1960, Major,USAF

Robert J. "Bob" Dzur,Class of 1959, Colonel (Retired) USAF/1964-1993

- E -

Bobbie Gene Egelston(deceased),Class of 1949,USN/1944-1946

Terry G. Egelston,Class of 1966, USN/1967-1971

Ewell Ellis,Class of 1949, USN

Don Endecott,Class of 1934, US Army

William Richard Endecott(Deceased),Class of 1938,US Army/1942-?

Murl Dean Ergenbright,Class of 1950, USN/1951-1955

- F -

Owen Favor(Deceased),Class of 1921,USN/1922-1926

Robert Favor(Deceased),Class of 1948,US Army

Ralph H. Foraker,Class of 1972,USMC/1972-1992

William Jack Ford,Class of 1946,US Army/1950-?

Cecil Fortune,Class of 1942,US Army

John E. Ford (Jack Fortune),Class of 1940,USAF/1941-1951

- G -

Tavis D. Gant,Class of 1995,US Army/1996-2001

Lori Kelley Giersdorf,Class of 1983,USAF/1989-1990

Lloyde Gentry,Attended from 1948-1957,US Army/1958-1962.

Jerald R. Gilbert, Class of 1983,Oklahoma Army National Guard/ 8/85 to Present

John R. Gilbert,Would have been Class of 1986,National Guard/1985-87

Bill Gillett,Class of 1953,US Army/1953-1956

Robert V. Gillett,Class of 1950,USAF/1950-1954

C. Dale Good,Class of 1945, US Army/1945-1948

Charles Eugene Graff(Deceased),Class of 1940,USMC/1941-?

George Graff, Jr.,Class of 1937, 1944-1946

Billy Graham, Class of 1991,USN/1992-1994, ANG/1995-2000

Michael Grant,Class of 1985,USAF/1989-1998

Dick Gregory, Class of 1965, USAF 1966-1967

Michael Grove,Class of 1985,USAF/1985-2011

- H -

Roger Hall,Class of 1979,US Army/1982-1986

Alva Harman(Deceased),Class of 1917,US Army/1918-1919

Melvin E. Harman,Class of 1959,USN/1959-1968

Chester B. (Benny) Havenstrite,Class of 1954/US Army 1954-1957

Richard Hedrick,Class of 1950,US Army/1952-54

Stuart Hedrick,Class of 1948,USAF/1951-1954

Jean Heimbaugh(Deceased),Class of 1926,USN/1943-1945

Delbert Heskett,Class of 1958,US Army/1962-64, Army Reserve 64-68, US Army 68-69,Army Reserves 87-91, US Army Desert Storm 90-91/US Army Medical Corps

SSG James L. Hildreth,Class of 1984, US Army/1986-Present

Lloyd Herren,Class of 1939, US Army/1942-1946

Alan Hoffman, Class of 1965, US Army/1969-1972

Jeffrey Allen Holley,Class of 2011, US Army/2011-2015 (Deceased)

Fred A. Holliday,Class of 1963(Deceased), US Army/1967-1971

Glen Homan,Class of 1912 (1st graduate of CHS)(Deceased),US Army/1917-?

John Dale Homan(Deceased),Class of 1940,USAF/1944-1945

Otto Hopkins,Class of 1918,US Army/1918-?

Jerry Hopson,Class of 1962,USAF/1963-1965

Duane Huddleston,Class of 1997,USN/1997-present

- I -

- J -
David Johnson, Class of 1970,US Army/1975-1978

F.W. Johnson,USN/1950-1953

Billy L. Jones,Class of 1944,USN/1944-1945

Clifford Jones(Chick),Class of 1963,USAF/1965-1969

Donald Ray Jones(Deceased),Class of 1959,US Army

J.D. Jones,Class of 1965, US Army/1967-1969

Larry Jones,Class of 1968,US Army/1970-1971

Marvin Ray Jones(Deceased),Class of 1954,US Army

Raymond Jones,Class of 1944,USN & Merchant Marine/1946-1951

- K -

Henry Keele,Class of 1948,USN/1944-1946

Robert Kelley,Class of 1980,USAF/1980-1988

Leonard Klimkowski, USN/1964-1967

Leonard Knox,Class of 1938,USN/1942-45

Elwin Kuver (Deceased),Class of 1938, US Army/1942-1945

Mike Kuver,Class of 1969,USN

- L -

Forrest Gilbert Lacey,Class of 1962,USN/1963-1967

Sherlita (Sherry) Marie (Deomes) LeGrand,Class of 1985,USMC/1985-1993

Don Langston,Class of 1964,USAF/1966-1970

Jerry N. Layl,Class of 1957, Captain USN(Retired)/1959-1993

Zachary Lewis,Class of 1990,US Navy/1990-93

J.Van Lindley(Deceased),Class of 1938, USN

Doug Linson,Class of 1949, US Army/1946-1950,1953-1954

Cloyd Linville,Class of 1935, USN/1941-1963

Delmar Linville,Class of 1937, US Army/1942-1944

Harold Dale Lovell,Class of 1950,USN/1950-1953

LLoyd Roberts "Bob" Lowe,Class of 1943,USN/1943-1946

- M -

Clifford Mapes,Class of '53,US Army/1949-1953

Chad Marshall,Class of 1985,US Navy/1997- Present

William Earl Marrs (Deceased),Class of 1943, U.S. Army/1943-1946

Gordon (Butch)McClure, Class of 1957/US Army Paratroopers (82nd Aorborne)

Ryburn McCullough,Class of 1968, US Army/1970-1978

Leslie McDowell,Class of 60, U.S.Air Force/63-67/A.F Res./86-99. Ret. SMSgt.

James Wayne McGuire,Class of 1950,USN/1951-1955

Randy McGuire/Class of 1971/USN/1971-1979

Romaine McGuire,(Deceased)Class of 1940(GED 1940),US Army Air Corps/1941-1945

Ted A. McGuire,Class of 1956,USAF/1956-1960

Jack McKaig,Class of 1946,US Army Engineers/l950-l952

Keats McKinney,Class of 1930,USN/1944-1946

Lieutenant Jill Miller Valiant,Class of 1987,USN/1991-Present training

Bill Miller,Teacher 76-79,USMC/1966-68

F.L.(Pete)Moore,US Army/1958-1960

John Morrisett,Class of 1991,USAF/1991-Present

Mike Morrisett,Class of 1983,USAF Reserve/1991-Present

Jerry Myers,USAF/1956-1965 (Did not graduate from CHS, but attended school until 1955)

Ronald L. Myers(Deceased),Class of 1953, USAF/1954-1979

- N -

Jim Neal,CHS through 1984,USN 1986-1992

Kenneth V. Nelson,CHS thru 1948,US Army/1950-1953

Arden Lee Norris(Deceased),Class of 1947,USAF

Tony Norwood, Class of 1963, USAF

Michael Norwood,Class of 1974,USN/1983-?

- O -

John F. Oltmanns(Deceased),Class of 1938,USAF/1940-1945

John Leroy Oltmanns(Deceased),Class of 1952, USAF 1953-1957 & Retired from Okla.Air Nat'l.Guard

Karl E. Oltmanns, Class of 1941, US Army/1945-1946

Robert D. Oltmanns,Class of 1946,US Army

Wilmer Oltmanns,Class of 1939,US Army/1943-1946

Charles Orleans,Class of 1981,US Army/1981-1983

- P -

Verland Phelan(Deceased),Class of 1940,USN/?-1945

Earl Pickens,Jr.,Class of 1944,USMC/1944-1946

Hubert Pickens,Classof 1941,US Coast Guard/1941-1945

Frank Pfrimmer(Deceased),Class of 1942,USAF

Robert Pfrimmer(Bobby)(Deceased),Class of 1942,USN

Marshall Powell,Class of 1976,USAF/1976-1988, US Army/1990-2001

- Q -

Olen Barney Quinn,Class of 1949,US Army/1941-1945

- R -

Max Rahe,Class of 1934,USAF

Joel Rayburn,Class of 1988,US Army/1988-Present

Bob Richards(Deceased),Class of 1942, Army Air Corps /1943-1946,1951

Ed Richards, Class of 1968, USN/1970-1974

Steve Richards, Class of 1960,USAF/1963-66

Alfred Rigdon,Class of 1950, USAF/1951-1952

Clifford L.(C.L.)Robberson,Class of 1937, US Med.Corps/1942-1945

Carl L. Rogers(Deceased),Class of 1952, USAF/1953-1964.

Jimmie M. Rogers,Class of 1955, USAF/1956-1960

Ron Rogers,Class of 1959, USAF/1960-1966

Corey Roundtree,Class of 2004, USMC/2004-present

Jay Rouse,Class of 1966, USAF/1966-1969

Jimmy Neil Rouse(Deceased),Class of 1962, USAF

David Ryland,Class of 1985, USAR present

Robert Ryland,Class of 1940,USN/1944-1946

- S -

Danny Sade,Class of 1978,U.S.Army/1978-1982

Kenneth Sade,Class of 1952,USAF/1953-1957

Con A. Sanderson(Deceased),Class of 1934,USN/1934-1942

Ted E.(Mike)Sanderson(Deceased),Class of 1940,US Army/1942-1946

Michael J Schwartz, Class of 1965, USAF/1975-1978

Ernest L. Seagroves,Class of 1954,US Army/1952-1955 & USN/1955-1974 Retired

Spencer Shore, Class of 1964, USAF/1966-1970

Jim Smiley, Class of 1964, USAF/1967-1988

Stephanie D. Smith,Class of 1997,USAF/2000-2004

Leo Wilbur Stanfill(Deceased),Class of 1932, USN

Jessie Willard Stevens(Deceased),Class of 1935, U.S Army (POW)

Larry Stoehr,Class of 1962, Captain, US Army/1968-1972

Jimmy Stout (Deceased),Class of 1950, USN

- T -

Len E. Tontz,EdD,Class of 1961, Captain, USMC 1965-1968; USAR 1986-2003

Frank Travis,Class of 1959, Okla.Nat.Guard 1956 to 58 & USN 1958 to 1961

Roy Edward Trout(Deceased),Class 1947,US Army/1952-1954

- U -

- V-

- W -
Dwayne Wall,Class of 1987,US ARMY 1992-2000

Clifford “Speedy” Watson(Deceased),Class of 1937, USAF/1942-1945

Jesse L. Watson,Class of 1938, USN/1942-1946

Jerry Watson,Class of 1947,US Army/1950-1952

Don Watson(Deceased),Class of 1956,US Army/1957-1959

Larry Andrew Watson,Class of 1953,US Army/1954-1957

Larry Watts,Class of 1958, USAF/1958-1962

Terry Willis,Class of 1982,US Army EOD/1983-1991

John Williams,Class of 1968, USN/1970-1982

Charles D. Willson,Class of 1951, USN/1956-1957

Leonard Lee Wilson, Class of 1965, US Army

James E. Wilson,Class of 1946,US Army/1950-1953

- X -

- Y -

Phillip Yenzer,Class of 1950,USN/1951-1953

Derral B. York,U.S.ARMY/1949-1952

- Z -