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On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 am, a truck bomb shattered the lives
of many Oklahomans when it ripped away the north side
of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in
downtown Oklahoma City

A massive bomb inside a rental truck exploded, blowing
half of the nine-story building into oblivion.

A stunned nation watched as the bodies of men, women,
and children were pulled from the rubble for nearly
two weeks. When the smoke cleared and the exhausted
rescue workers packed up and left, 168 people were
dead in the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Just 90 minutes after the explosion, an Oklahoma
Highway Patrol officer pulled over 27-year-old
Timothy McVeigh for driving without a license plate.

Shortly before he was to be released on April 21,
McVeigh was recognized as a bombing suspect and
was charged with the bombing.

Now 4 years later the core suspect Timothy McVeigh
has been sentenced guilty on all counts for the
actions that took place that day and the healing
process has begun.

I personally have visited the bombing site with my
Girl Scout Troop, and I can not begin to express the
emotions that overtake you as you stand in front of
a decorated fence dedicated to the numerous people
that lost their lives that day.

All along the wall are little notes, small tokens
teddy bears, flowers, pictures, and personal effects.
I even spotted several necklaces and rings.

When I was there with my Girl Scout Troop, to my
amazement, the girls each took a personal affect
and tearful place them on the fence without saying
a word.

Book of Memories
~~author, Gloria Martel,
copyright 2000
(used with permission)

I've a treasured book of memories
I keep near and deep within.
I turn the pages slowly
Then I turn them once again.

I see happy times together
When you were here with me.
I thank God you came into my life
Truer love could never be.

Now our days of happiness
I hold deep within my heart,
For the angels took you from me,
But, we're never far apart.

I'll treasure each sweet moment
In my book of memories,
Until the angels call my name
And your smiling face I see.