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The links below are sites that Tekyu both approves of and uses himself. I am not in the pocket of any of the info or the retailer sites (otherwise my site would look better and I'd have a lot more to my collection!!!), but I've done business with them indicating that if I PUT them on this site that it went favorably or I rely on them heavily enough that I feel they belong here.

TF News & Info Sites

TF Hasbro site After major improvements, this is a great place for little stuff like e-cards, news info, and preview stuff regarding the new Armada line.

Transfandom.com The definitive TF news site, a decent staff with some great articles plus more often than not the first with the hottest TF News!

Dave Van Dom's TF page Not the prettiest, but an anally accurate and well written page. Dave gives some rather pessimistic reviews, but manages to inform you of EVERYTHING the figure is capable of, including unmentioned features and backstory, and he manages to often be a good laugh with his writing! Great for info on robots besides transformers as well.

Ben's Transformers It's been called anumber of things in its time, but is a longstanding highly useful TF site made by Benson Yee, a Fan who made a difference when he helped the Beast Wars come to be. His continuing coverage of toys and insider info are priceless. Definately worth bookmarking.

Bigbot.com A site with enough links, downloads and cool stuff to cause your eyes to bleed. Renaud, the site's owner has been noted in Toyfare magazine for his personals area (read article, "Wheel Love"), a decent site. Awesome site ^_^

Super Deformers.com A weekly TF funnies page featuring super-deformed versions of your favorite bots in some of the funniest comics around!

They Might Be Giant ROBOTS Another TF parody comic, some of these works were featured on Superdeformers.com and some of these comics are actually decorating the jar as well ^_^

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