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A.D. Police, Another story of the Bubblegum Crisis

5/24/02 I picked up the 2-Disc DVD set of the new AD Police Files and I've got a review up HERE! Check it out

Boomers, they freed mankind from all sorts of menial labor and created much prosperity around the world, changing life for everyone as we know it (sounds a lot like Blade Runner...).

But not everything was as peachy keen as it was in the Bubblegum Crisis, let me introduce to the dark side of Megatokyo... The A.D. Police Files Anime (based on the manga A.D. Police 25:00) is a prequel to the Bubblegum Crisis and goes through the times Leon fought up through the ranks to become an ADP Detective as well as illustrates the horrifying results of a boomer rampage and the numerous bad decisions made by the AD Police.

The AD Police series had many faults, but it dealt with things that just couldn't fit in with the BGC series. It also showed things from everyone's perspectives, including the boomers. While not wholly well accepted, this series handled things of a more serious and mature nature and managed to work itself in quite well as a prequel to the BGC.

Along with the 3-part series, an ADP TV series was made after BGC: Tokyo 2040. Currently available from ADV Films you can find this on VHS cassettes or in a convenient 2 Disc DVD set. But for those of you expecting a Leon whupass-fest, don't hold your breath. This is a new ADP with new characters walking an all new beat in a place known as Genom City, read the review HERE!

For another taste of ADP goodness, check out the Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crash and Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. For a more comic book example check out the AD Police manga (on which the anime was, of course, based and Adam Warren's electrifying BGC mini-series/graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal.

A.D. Police Files Episodes