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This page is for Parents and Kids. Learn some safty tips and HAVE FUN!

Now more then ever it is important for our children to be STREET SMART. We need to make them aware of the dangers out there without squashing there innocence and curiosity. I hope that the information here will help you with that task.

Parents, please view this with your children so that you can answer any questions that they may have and so you can talk to them about your own personal safty plans. The ideas here are only a jumping off point for a more detailed discussion on safty for your family.


A stranger is easily explained as someone that has not been to your house for dinner several times. You need to understand that even a family member can be a stranger. It is always better to be safe then sorry, so if you are in doubt if a person is a stranger or not, they should be thought of as a stranger.


Never talk to or take anything from a stranger, NO MATTER what they say to you. GET AWAY and TELL someone.

If someone pulls up beside you in a car and ask you for directions or help of ANY kind, DO NOT walk up to the car. RUN AWAY and TELL someone. Remember that adults don't usually ask kids for directions.

If you are home alone NEVER answer the door for a stranger. Make sure you know the person before you open the door. ALSO, you never answer the phone and tell the person that your parents aren't home. Tell them that they can't come to the phone right now.

If a stranger grabs you, you should start KICKING and HITTING and YELL very loudly "THIS IS NOT MY FATHER or MOTHER!" This will get the attention of other people around you and let them know that this is a stranger.

You should have a code word that ONLY you and your parents know. That way, if another person needs to pick you up, your parents can give them the password so that you will know that it is ok to go with them. NEVER tell anyone your password. Not even your friends or family. And NEVER go with anyone who doesn't give you the right password.

AVOID wearing clothes that have your name on them. Strangers dont need to know your name.


ALWAYS tell your parents where you are going and when you will be home.

DO NOT take shortcuts through deserted areas, alleyways, vacant lots, or abandoned buildings.

STAY ALERT. Be aware of your surroundings.

Use public restrooms with caution. Always have someone else with you.

If you see an accident, construction site, or a mugging, or other dangerous or unpleasant incidents, DO NOT get involved.

Most importantly, talk to your parents about any concerns or fears that you have. Remember, they are your most important protection and sorce of information. And nothing is more important to them then you!