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Each level of Taekwondo (as with most martial arts) has its own belt color and in this martial art,each belt has a low and high rank.. ie.- 1 and 2 stripes on the belt (LOW or RECOMMENDED) OR 3 and 4 sripes on the belt (HIGH or DECIDED). Here are the colors in order of LOW to HIGH and there meaning.


  • WHITE - Signifies innocence, as that of a begining student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon Do

  • YELLOW - Signifies Earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Taekwon Do foundation is being laid

  • GREEN - Signifies the plants growth as the Taekwondo skill begins to develop

  • BLUE - Signifies the Heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon Do progresses

  • RED - Signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away

  • Black - Opposite of White, therefore, signifies the maturity and proficiency in Taekwon Do. Also indicates the wearer's imperviousness to darkness and fear