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Welcome to my 1st Site!!!
Please be patient with my work.
I rarely have time to update it.
Eventually, it will all be perfect, one day.

I'm Tiffany, but go by "Soonerbaby" since my favorite
college team is the University of Oklahoma's "Sooners"!!!

"I survived an F5!!!"
The May 3rd, 1999 tornado was quite an experience to remember.
Definately the most interesting & scarriest tornado I have experienced in my life!!!

My wonderful husband Steve & I married May 12th, 1995.
During these years, we were blessed with two children.
Our Daughter, Mercedes was born February 19th, 1996,
& our son, Mason was born February 4th, 1999.

This site was created out of pure boredom
during my pregnancy with Mason.
Steve bought a computer just so I
would have something to do.

I would really appreciate if you would take
time out to sign my Guestbook so I know you dropped by.
If you have any unique & interesting ideas for stuff
I can add to my site, tell me.

Anyhow, enjoy!!!

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Visitors since January 1999 & counting!!!