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" ... and once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return..." -- Leonardo da Vinci

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You try to convince the State Trooper that your "D" license allows you to do ANYTHING!

You're making love to your partner and they whisper "I've never done this before" and you yell out "THAT'S a case of beer!".

On cloudy/windy days you go to the drop zone anyway and bitch about the weather.

On cloudy/windy days you pull out your parachute and pack it just to say that you've done something skydiving-related.

You "dirt-dive", "post-dive" and critique your love-making sessions.

It's so windy that trees are bending over and you're thinking "Cross country!".

Whenever a passenger in a fast-moving car, you stick your head out the window and yell "FIVE LEFT" to the driver.

Whenever leaving an establishment you yell "DOOR" to all the patrons before opening the door.

You sign your checks with your name and USPA number.

You have your paycheck direct-deposited into the dz account.

Your girlfriend holds out her left hand and says the word diamond. You picture a fourway formation, look at your girlfriends hand realize the diamond she's talking about is going to cost over 200 jumps, and then, with a smile, picture your girlfriends suitcases on the porch.

You stop by the New River Bridge and take a look. All the others are saying 'damn, look how high it is' and you're saying 'damn, look how low it is'.

Your friends look at the sky and say, "look at all those clouds", and you say, "look at all those holes!".

When you buy anything you calculate how many skydives it will cost.

I am fat, SO WHAT.....BRING IT ON!!!!

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Look great at the Drop Zone in this months special

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