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Science One Equipment

Name: Med Unit
Type: Medical Treatment Center
WT: 272kg
The Med unit is a large enclosed bed with attached medical support equipment. It is normally found in bases and in the MARS-One and Scientific-One vehicles. The unit is self-contained and may be used as an operating theater with a sterile environment. The med unit is attached to a bio-comp for automatic diagnosis and treatment. The unit can also be unsed as a freeze-tube for cold sleep.

Name: Bio-Comp
Type: Medical Computer
A small specialized computer for use by medical personnel. The computer is programmed with much medical knowledge and will assist in diagnosis and treatment after receiving data either manually or from a med unit. The unit will assist in training people as doctors and instruct in operations. The units are found with one or more med units.

Name: Universal Antibody
Type: Disease Cure
Weight: .907kg
Unit of Issue: 20 dose bottle
One of the most closely guarded secrets of the Morrow Project. This is a specialized drug used only by doctors. The agent will cure disease in 24 hours and speed up healing at 6 times the normal rate. The agent is successful 80% of the time for each injection. Not more than one injection can be given within 24 hours and no more than 4 injections total being given. The antibody must be "tuned" to the patient's body chemistry by a med unit connected to a bio-comp. If this adjustment is not made there is an 80% chance of immediate death of the patient upon injection with no chance of a cure.

Name: Universal Antidote
Type: Poison Cure
Weight: .907kg
Unit of Issue: 20 dose bottle
Used for poisons such as those from a snake or spider bite. The antidote must be injected, but need not be "tuned" to the patient. It is effective 90% of the time and the dosage is the same as for Universal Antibody.