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     This page is for all those who just love to groundhog hunt. Living (Keith) or working (Ray) on farms in PA has shown us the need for hunting groundhogs. We also really enjoy it. In 1998 alone, we saved farmers thousands of dollars by killing over 100 groundhogs. Ray shot 63 and Keith shot 56. Maybe some background on us would be a good idea.

     Ray graduated from Penn State Behrend with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He took a job in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it didn't take him long to take advantage of his employers continuing education program and is currently working towards a Masters of Science in Engineering Mechanics with a Specialization in Explosives Engineering, or Masters of Energetic Materials for short, at New Mexico Tech . His goal/dream is to work on projects involving guns, explosives, and other projects with military applications. His gun of choice for groundhogs is a Model 700 Sendaro chambered in .270 toped with a 6.5-20X Leupold VariX-III scope with a Mil-Dot reticle. He uses Sierra’s 135gr HPBT Match King for target shooting and Hornady 110 grain V-MAX bullet for hunting, Federal Premium Nickel Plated brass, Federal match primers, and IMR4064 and IMR4350. His best group to date is .153" at 100 yards off the bipod. Ray has scored hits out to 450 yards and has had a few near hits out to 850 yards. Near hit in this case means that if the hog hadn't moved in the time it took the bullet to get there then it would be dead, twice in a row. Keith sure thought it was funny at least until Ray reminded him who had the keys to the car. The most groundhogs he has shot in a day is 18 with 2 misses which occurred in August of 98’ in a clover field, the same field that Keith and Ray combined shot 18 hogs out of the previous day! Ray is currently looking for a new gun, probably of the .22 cal, to go after prairie dogs and coyotes when he's not hitting the books or his head against the wall. Future plans also include a .338 Lapua Magnum or similar caliber for the 1500 yard gun range that should be opening soon in Albuquerque.

     Keith is currently a 6th semester student of Math Education at Geneva College and wished to be "…one of those magazine writer guys that gets paid to hunt and try new equipment." Until this happens he plans to teach math and take full advantage of the three-month summer break hunting and camping after graduating from Geneva. In the mean time he plans to spend his summers between school hunting and finding fun and educational summer jobs. Last summer he worked as a canoe guide in Maine and the year before helped the Colorado Forest Service maintain and clear hiking trails. His weapon of choice for groundhogs is a Browning A-bolt II chambered in .22-250, toped with a Redfield 6-18X 5 Star target scope. He used Sierra’s BlitzKing 55 grain bullets, Federal Premium Nickel Plated brass, Winchester 760 powder, and Federal match primers. His best group to date is .188" at 100 yards shot off a car top. Keith has killed 3 groundhogs at 350 yards and has had a few near hits once in awhile at farther distances. The most groundhogs he has shot in one day is 12 with 0 misses which occurred in June of 2000’.

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