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This page contains information regarding Maltese puppies or retired adults that are available for sale. Unless otherwise specified - all puppies are sold on non-breeding agreements and are to be spayed/neutered. We don't produce many litters per year as we breed for quality NOT quantity.

All puppies are born/raised in our livingroom and are handled every day from day one and have wonderful outgoing personalities and excellent temperments. We do not believe in the overimmunization of our puppies and we are looking for homes where the new owners will do their research as well and not make vaccines their main focus at time of placement or after. Simply enough - if indoubt - do 'titres" - not more vaccines!!! And we do prefer a raw based diet over a full "kibble" diet for our dogs - you can email for more information regarding this. Puppies are also microchipped prior to placement and come with a "free 6 week trial" plan of the Petplan Insurance with some limited coverage (this is for puppies under one year of age). Puppies are Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered and are health guaranteed (not guaranteed for overall size at maturity - only health).

I do prefer to place puppies in homes where they won't be left for long hours unattended - plus, a fenced in backyard is also preferable. Also, if you have indoor cats - please be sure they are accustomed to having dogs around before contacting me re: acquiring a puppy - I will only place a puppy in a home where the cats are already familiar with having dogs being in the house.

We do spend a lot of time with our puppies in order to provide healthy, well adjusted puppies with wonderful personalities/temperments for families to take home and love and spoil. Puppies are all started with paper training - and are also started outside potty training weather permitting.

We are also big believers of crate training - and do require that a crate or exercise pen (x-pen) be purchased and set-up inhouse prior to bringing the puppy home. I will go over more information re: crate training and housetraining at pickup time as well as all other information required to make for as easy a transition for the pup into his new home as possible.


Look for our new web page link on my "home" page - if you scroll down to the bottom where all my links are my new web page is noted there. You can contact me for information regarding availability of puppies. We are looking for a "non-vaccinating" type of home so please do your research before contacting me regarding the overuse of vaccines on our puppies/adults. Also looking for a home where there is already another "small" dog (sorry - no big dogs) - or - where the family is looking to replace one. No new puppy owners please for with this covid issue going on still it is not possible to do the necessary visits etc. prior to placement needed to ensure a smooth placement. We also prefer a home with a fenced, easy accessible, fenced yard. Just like people, dogs also need the fresh air, sun etc. in order to maintain good overall health. Again, we are also looking for "non-vaccinating" homes only as our puppies are on the smaller size and regardless - there is just way too much overvaccinating going on re: our pets. You can contact me (phone calls are preferred) in September for more information regarding what we may have available for placement for November - in to December. Emails are welcome but keep in mind that no transaction on any of our placements is done solely by email alone and sometimes I just do not get emails - or - if I reply to them they can end up in your spam box making it look like I never replied. My email is or PHONE CALLS ARE ALWAYS PREFERRED!! and our number is 905-797-3074

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