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(Lyle Larson)

Welcome to California Speed Pros. Manufacturers of the Dago Red Quarter Midget 40, Napier Heston Quarter Midget 40, Vendetta Quarter Midget 40 and Bird of Prey Quikie 500 composite racing airplanes.

We have a complete line of accesories and replacement parts (racing wheels, bladder tanks, engine mounts, etc...) to support our racing airplanes.

Contact us at:

Lyle Larson

H.C 80, Box 475, Piedmont, SD 57769

Phone Number (605) 787 6340

Feel Free to gives us a call, or e mail us, and you will speak directly with Lyle Larson (designer of the Q40 Dago Red and Q40 Napier Heston), he will answer any questions.