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Pasukan Simpanan Tentera Laut (PSTL) Kuching

The PSSTLDM unit in Kuching was setup in 1997, with the first intake of volunteers in April 1997. A total of 7 cadet officers and 35 recruits were selected. Members of the officers corps and recruits consisted of both men and women. The spirit was high among members as they were the pioneers of a great tradition to be set in Kuching. However, many especially the regular staff members found it difficult to run the show as it was completely a new ball game to them.
The unit faced problems in obtaining proper resources, instructors and management. Despite all the shortcomings, the members put up a galant fight and got the unit through. The first acknowledgement came when the unit was requested to take part in the Governor's birthday celebrations parade.

Presently, the unit has been recognised as the most active unit throughout Malaysia, in terms of weekly training attendance. Members travel from as far as Sibu, Sri Aman and Serian to attend weekly meetings. The dedication and interest shown by these part-time soldiers should be looked up to and the country should never fear of lacking dedicated and loyal defenders. The members also excelled in National level trainings and courses, as they are very proactive, disciplined, skillful and courageous, in whatever endeavours they take part in.

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