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This page serves as the unofficial information disseminator and publicity centre for the Royal Malaysian Navy Reserves. The Royal Malaysian Navy Reserves is also known as "Pasukan Simpanan Sukarela Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia" with the acronym PSSTLDM. The PSS has nine units established so far in Malaysia and a few more coming up.

Members of the PSS meet weekly in their respective units to undergo training and classes to equip themselves with Naval knowledge and skills. Besides weekly training, members also undergo yearly training in the Lumut Naval Base (for officers), KD Sri Pinang (for ratings) and onboard Malaysian Navy Ships. Members could also request to attend to do Annual Continuous Training (ACT)in units or locations related to the areas of specialisation.

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PSS Units in Malaysia
KD Sri PinangKD Sri MediniNukleus Sri Kuantan
KD Sri ManjungKD Sri SandakanNukleus Sri Kuching
KD Sri KlangKD Sri SebatekNukleus Sri Labuan

We have a group list set-up for discussion and updates of the latest development in the Royal Malaysian Navy Reserves (PSSTLDM) units throughout Malaysia. It is a network setup to increase the quality, interest and dedication among civilians to serve the nation as Navy Reserves.
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