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Classroom Management Plan & Student Assessment

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Instructional Plan
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Prerequisite Academic Student Skills (P.A.S.S.) Objectives


One binder

Proper textbook

5 index tabs or dividers

Ruled notebook paper

Pencil No.2 No pens


1. It is the studentís responsibility to find out what needs to be done as a result of an absence.

2. One day will be allowed for each day of absence.

3. Late work will not be accepted if the student has not been absent.


1. Obey all school rules.

2. No gum chewing.

3. No food or candy allowed in the classroom.

4. Take good care of textbooks and classroom. Writing on the desks will result in the student cleaning the desks before or after school.

5. Display respect for authority and other students. Making fun of or cutting down another student will not be tolerated.

6. Stay in your seat even though the bell rings. I will dismiss you.

7. Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

8. If a student does not bring proper materials to class, he or she will be asked to listen quietly. If that student disrupts the class, discipline action will be taken.


1. All classes will be required to make an oral and written report each semester.

2. Students need to do their best work in class since they are constantly being evaluated through daily pair,group presentations and individual participation in class.

3. Homework assignments must be presented the next day only.


1. The grading system will be based on total points possible on tests and daily assignments.

2. The grading scale is as follows:

A = 100 - 90

B = 89 - 80

C = 79 - 70

D = 69 - 60

F = 59 - 0


You should feel free to call the school or make an appointment to meet with me if you have any questions about your childís progress in my class. I am looking forward to working with you in educating your child this year.

Mrs. Cecilia B. Newkirk

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