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Carol Vega & Trio
( with Paul Cotton 1963-1964)

Carol Vega & Trio, 1964
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Carol Vega & Trio, 1965 (post Paul)
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The Starfires had ceased to be not too long after Jerry Urban left to get married in July 1963. Some time after this the remaining band members - Paul, Johnny Moore, Johnny Jordan & Carol Vega formed Carol Vega & Trio. Carol had been on the same bill as the Mus-twangs a number of times and got to know the guys well. In fact she rehearsed many times with them when they became the Starfires. Carol Vega & Trio's first gig was at the local 21 club where Bobby Vinton often performed. The Trio won a battle of the bands contest and were soon in demand, playing at record hops and dances and then night clubs all over Chicago. First prize in the battle of the bands was a recording contract with Constellation records. At the end of 1964 or beginning of 1965, Paul parted ways with the trio. Buddy Riley filled in occasionally after this time.
It is possible that Paul played guitar on the first two 45s recorded by Carol Vega:
Sugar over You/I Need You Around, 1964 (constellation 121)
One Little Thing/One Little Lie, 1965 (Argo 5490)
Paul recollects that he did play on at least "Sugar over you" but is unsure of the others.
Ronnie Laas played guitar on the final single, Shimmy part 1/Shimmy part 2
Band members

Paul Cotton (guitar)
Walter (Buddy) Riley, guitar (occasionally) Johnny Moore, bass Johnny Jordan, drums Johnny Moyer, drums Carol Vega, vocals Ronnie Laas, guitar (after Paul)

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