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Carol Vega

Carol in 1965

Carol Vega met Paul Cotton when she was singing at a high school dance around 1963. Along with Johnny Moore and Johnny Jordan they formed "Carol Vega & Trio" after the Starfires disbanded. She was married to Johnny Moore for a very brief time (married in October 1964 and separated shortly after that). Carol released a few singles including:

Sugar over You/I Need You Around, 1964 (constellation 121)
One Little Thing/One Little Lie, 1965 (Argo 5490)
Shimmy part 1/Shimmy part 2

"Sugar over You" was listed at number 35 on WLS, Chicago Radio SILVER DOLLAR SURVEY APRIL 24, 1964
and also was listed at number 31 MAY 22, 1964

"One Little Thing" was a Jan Bradley/Jackie Ross soundalike. It is featured on the CD "Where The Girls Are, Vol 3: Chess Female Singers And Groups" (Ace CDCHD 745). Here is some information from Mick Patrick which is included in the CD booklet:
"Carol Vega and Denise Craig each recorded for the independent production company of Chicago-based William "Billy The Kid" Emerson. The Florida-born rock 'n' roller-turned-entrepreneur leased Carol's debut, "Sugar Over You", to the Constellation label in 1964, followed by "One Little Thing" to Chess' Argo subsidiary the following year. Another year later he utilised the very same Argo backing track of the latter title when he re-cut the song with Denise, which he issued as the flip-side of her debut, "A Love Reputation", on his Tarpon logo. Ms Craig went on to achieve great fame as Denise LaSalle, while Carol Vega, unfortunately, was not heard from again."

Information from Carol's brother Jeff, November 2007:
"After the “Sugar over you" days my sister Carol chose to work the jazz and rock clubs of Chicago. She played in the Play Boy club, Figaroes Lounge and the famous Back Room. She spoke Spanish and found some success in Chicago’s transcription world. She did some commercials such as Nelson Brothers, O’Connor Ford and she had a contract for Pepes restaurant chain for several years with the commercial running in several states in both English and Spanish. She was also on staff at WBCP in Champagne Urbana IL doing jazz and commentary. She worked with several well known radio personnel, Bill Sheppard, Kevin Silk as well as the velvet voice of Lynn Randell. Carol met and married jazz drummer Jerry Jay. Jerry was a long time percussionist for the prestigious Music Incorporated of the Drake hotel chain. They currently live in Chicago where they continue to book and occasionally perform together."
In answer to a question, Jeff replied:
"Carol said that they were on the same bill as the Mus-twangs several times but not part of that band. She sang with Paul in the beginning of her career but a year or so after Paul first started playing."

Bobby Simms remembers that she used to come into the MB Club where he was playing and played there too.

Jerry Urban remembers:
"She was a very nice person, and could really sing. Wonderful and powerful voice."

Kal David remembers:
"I knew Carol Vega. She was known for doing covers like "Hello Stranger" and "My Guy". I never heard from her again"

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