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John Uribe
(Illinois Speed Press)

John Robert Uribe was born on June 24, 1947 and started on guitar at age 10 with family and friends. High school band Majors & Sultans. Moved to Calif after school and had bands that included Showdolls, Brothers Keepers, Dartells (his first pro band),. John Uribe only played with the Speed Press for about a month in 1970. Paul hired him to play guitar and he attended rehearsals for nearly two weeks and spent two weeks playing with them on tour. He did several demo sessions for Four Star Brad. Then hooked up with Jim Price and did Kids Nowadays Ain't Got No Shame (with Nicky Hopkins, Jim Keltner and Klaus Voorman), and Sundegos' Traveling Orchestra.In 1971 John went to Denmark and played with the legendary Danish Band called The Savage Rose. He recorded one album with The Savage Rose titled "Refugee". According to band leaders, Annisette & Thomas Koppel, "John Uribe joined us, and we did some of the most powerful concerts ever". John also did sessions with Sky & BB King ("In London" album, 1971) in the same year. He has a guitar credit on the 1971 Streisand album, "Barbara Joan Streisand" - I MEAN TO SHINE (Donald Fagen - Walter Becker). Guitar credit on Midnight Morning/Good Days (John Walker), 1971 7“ single (Green Mountain GMM 416 -US). He also played guitar on two of Harry Nilsson’s albums, Nilsson Schmilsson (1971) & Son of Schmilsson (1972). In 1972, he formed Blue Rose (no relation to The Savage Rose) with Terry Furlong and they released one album & a single on Epic in 1972. John & Terry had been friends with Paul for a number of years, all being influenced by the Albert King school of blues. He has a credit on JIM PRICE album "Sundego's travelling orchestra", DUNHILL, DH 1972. In 1973 he had production, guitar, bass & percussion credit - CHRIS JAGGER, LP ‘Chris Jagger’ (GM GML 1003)for the following tracks - "Handful Of Dust" (Chris Jagger/David Pierce), "Something New" (Chris Jagger). He also played with a "new-wavish" group called "The Sharks," and did some work with Bryan Ferry of "Roxy Music" fame in the seventies. After all this he moved back to Billings, Montana and formed a group called Smokin' Gun. Sadly John passed away on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011, aged 64 with his family by his side.

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Circa 2003

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