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The Starfires

The Mus-twangs disbanded late in 1962 following the departures of Bobby Simms & Keith Anderson and Jerry Urban (due to illness). In February 1963 Jerry got Paul & the remaining guys together and with the addition of Johnny Moore on bass the "Starfires" were born. Paul initially handled the vocals. The band lasted only until July 1963 when Jerry left the band, leaving only Paul, Buddy Riley, Johnny Moore & Johnny Jordan (drums). Carol Vega was rehearsing a lot with the Starfires but did not play a "Job" with them under the Starfire name. Carol Vega & Trio were to emerge in the near future.
Jerry Urban remembers:
"I took off the first couple of months of 1963, due to being run down( worn out and sick), with going to school (college) and working with the band 3-4 nights a week. I was the one who formed the Starfires in I think Feb. of 1963, with Paul, Buddy, Johnny Moore( on bass). I started a full time job with Armour & Co. in March of 1963, and remember playing the Starfires weekend jobs at that time, so my timing on this is pretty close. I continued with the Starfires until June or July of 1963, and then left. Florence and I got married on August 10, 1963. I remember Paul calling me up just before my wedding day begging me not to get married and quit the band. At the time I really wondered if I was making the right decision."

The final incarnation of the Mus-twangs
shortly before the formation of the Starfies
(click for larger view)

Known "Starfires" Band members

Paul Cotton, guitar & vocals
Gerald (Jerry) Urban, sax Walter (Buddy) Riley, guitar Carol Vega, vocals Johnny Moore, bass Johnny Jordan, drums

The second half of 1963 is a period of time that is testing everyone's memory as far as Paul's musical activities and band band personnel, although Carol Vega & Trio would have been under way by the end of 1963. 1963/64 was also the time period when Paul attended barber school.

Sessions with Bobby Simms 1963 to 1966
Bobby Simms was not only the vocalist for the Mus-twangs for a year or two, he went on to be a recording artist in his own right in the mid sixties cutting a few singles on Smash. In 1965 he releaseded "the world is funny"/"youčre my everything". Paul contributed guitar to both tracks. In 1966, "Bobby Simms and the Simmers" released "Big Mama"/"Please Please Believe". Bob's recollection is that Paul played guitar on the B side. Keith Anderson, Verne Johnson, Pauland possibly other personnel from Paul's bands at the time were involved.
Bobby Simms comments:
"Paul played on all the later Bobby Simms Trio records and brought them up a few noches with his creative guitar playing/ ala James Burton."
Keith Anderson remembers:
"I remember Paul creating THE lick or chord structure in "Please, Please Believe". Paul's effort made a great deal of difference in how well that particular song turned out."

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