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Rovin' Kind Gig Dates (found so far)

(with great assistance from my friends, Stu Rosenberg and Jerry Fuentes)

April 22 - May 1, 1966, Dick Clark's Young World's Fair, Chicago, IL, International Ampitheater, w/The Young Rascals, Mommas & Poppas, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Turtles etc (Roviní Kind are not mentioned in the advertising but this date has been included as it is likely that this is where Dick Clark saw the Rovin' Kind which resulted in their performance on his show, American Bandstand)
May 4 - 13, 1966 , Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Chicago,IL, w/ Beef Trust
May 20 - June 3, 1966 , Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Chicago,IL
July ? 1966 , American Bandstand, Hollywood, CA w/James Brown, broadcast on ABC TV on August 6, 1966
July 25-August 19 1966 , Hilton Inn , San Francisco, CA, Bill Gilbert's Tiger club
February 10- 23 1967 , The Pussycat in the Happy Medium Chicago, IL, concert-dance night club
February 26, 1967Cheetah Club, Chicago, IL
March 15, 1967Cheetah Club, Chicago, IL w/ Chambers Brothers
March 19, 1967Cheetah Club, Chicago, IL w/ Chambers Brothers
April 19-May 13, 1967 , Cheetah Club, Chicago, IL, w/Dave Mitchell and the Thunderballs, The Pacesetters, Kenny Ballard, & the Fabulous Soul Brothers
May ? 1967 , Garrett Theological, Chicago, IL, Seminary Chapel Services, w/Clay Pitts directing the band (Fridays or Sundays part of series using rock music for worship)
June 21-25 1967 , Cheetah, Chicago, IL, w/The Players
June 30-July 2 1967 , Cheetah, Chicago, IL, w/The Scott Brothers
July 5-6 1967 , Cheetah, Chicago, IL, w/The Scott Brothers
July 7 1967 , WCFL World Teenage show, McCormick Place, Chicago IL
September 1-3 1967 , Cheetah, Chicago, IL, w/The Exceptions, Baby Huey
October 5 1967 , Cheetah, New York City

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