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John (Johnny) Moore


on FM Radio JT 92

Johnny Moore was the bass player for the Starfires and Carol Vega and Trio. He had long been a "roadie" for the Capitols and the Mus-twangs. Paul had taught him to play bass in high school. Johnny's father was a barber. He encouraged both Paul and Johnny to go to barber school and "learn a trade". They started barber school some time in 1963 and finished in November 1964. Johnny married Carol Vega on October 31, 1964. Several months later they separated and Johnny started his own band with seven members called "The Midas Touch". He also worked part time as a DJ on WJOB in Hammond Indiana and was involved in another band called "Romeo & the Emotions" around 1967.
Keith Anderson remembers:
"He worked at Luarts (a drive-in have your food in the car by girls on roller skates place on Halsted) and fed us Capitols out of the kitchen after hours. He came with the Capitols to nearly every gig. He also traveled with us on our Summer-no-itinerary road trips. I remember doing a record hop one dark, dreary evening at a very large, old Catholic Church connected to a high school, and Johnny went off in to the catacombs - found (or so he said) what he thought was the criminal being advertised as a fugitive - and ran out of the door leading to the "catacoms", and went screaming across the stage in front of our performance. Johnny Moore & Carol Vega got married...for a few months. I was asked to be best man, but had a music commitment."
Guy (Frenchy) Germany remembers:
"Johnny accompanied us to many jobs we had during the last year or two that I was a part of the Mus-Twangs. He finally learned to play the bass and started playing as a member of Starfires after I left. He was a good friend and a very funny guy whose Dad gave all of us our haircuts."
Vern Johnson remembers:
Johnny Moore's father was a barber and was a big influence on Paul deciding to "learn a trade". Johnny and Paul got their licenses and were barbering for a while. I remember Johnny's dad's shop being on Halstead Street just at a fork in the road south of 147th Street. I also remember stopping by to chat at a barber shop where Paul was working out in the Riverdale/Harvey area off of 147th Street - that had to be in the Spring of 1965."

John moved to 29 Palms, California in 1970. He worked as a disc jockey at KDHI and Q96 FM in the early 80's and produced some music events. He also cut hair at the Marine Base in 29 Palms. In 2003 he finished working at KKJT 92.1 Classic Hits Radio. As of December 2003 John was promoting a new artist called Joe Sins and they were working on a CD.

John L. Moore passed away in Palm Springs August 22nd 2013, age 70

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