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Rob Lewine

Link here for a review of the album.

Rob Lewine was in a band called Song after ISP fragmented. Song released one album, “the Song Album” on MGM (SE 4714) & a single in 1971. Other personnel were Clark Garman lead guitar , Mickey Rooney Jr. guitar Shelly silverman drums. This Los Angeles band evolved out of a San Francisco group called Tsong. Their album was produced by Curt Boettcher. The better tracks include Medicine Man, a jazz-inspired song marred by a long drum solo, the psychodelically tinged I'm Not Home and Banana High Neon. . Lewine no longer plays music professionally & is an accomplished professional photographer who has worked on numerous photographic assignments including a Jane Fonda exercise video & also some photographic work for promotional purposes for Kal David. Here's some info in Rob's own words:
"After leaving ISP in fall 1969 -- I was fired, by the way -- I was asked by Richie Hayward to join Little Feat, then just forming, and I played with that group for about four months, recording with them a series of demos that led to their Warner Bros. contract. The other members of the band were Richie, Bill Payne and Lowell George. I left Little Feat, voluntarily and somewhat reluctantly, to join Song, a more visible and performance-oriented group at the time, and one with a deal already in place at MGM Records. (Hindsight is 20-20.) I left Song for personal reasons after about a year, and played for awhile with Blues Image ("Ride Captain Ride"). Then I left the business entirely, and produced educational filmstrips for Encyclopaedia Brittanica from 1972 thru 1975. In 1976 I became a freelance photographer and have been one ever since. Initially I shot for magazines, among them Esquire, Time, Newsweek, Smithsonian, People, Fortune, Forbes, Us, and most especially Life, for whom I shot assignments for 10 or 12 years. Gradually I began to get assignments from clients such as Reebok and Coast Savings, and shot publicity and advertising material for the networks and major film studios. I shot not one but eight video covers for Jane Fonda, and also covers for Kathy Smith, Kim Alexis, Joe Montana and others. Interestingly, I shot only the occasional album cover; it just never happened that I became active with the record companies. From 1980-1982 I produced "Built", a coffee table book on the first women bodybuilders, for Bantam Books; that project was shelved just before publication. In 1993 I began to wean myself away from assignment work and began to produce commercial stock photography, which today is my primary activity. I'm represented exclusively by the New York-based Stock Market Photo Agency, the most prominent independent stock picture agency in the world. My images are licensed for advertising and other commercial uses, daily, the world over. I did take photos of Kal David, years back, for one of his albums; we're still friends. I'm very close still to John Kelly, the original road manager for the Illinois Speed Press and a core member of the original ISP family. I'm close also to Phil Proctor, of the Firesign Theater, who wrote the liner notes for the first ISP album."

Update from Rob, May 15, 2003:
"I've started playing bass again, after a several-decade hiatus. So far it's just for fun, but I'm eager to play - and soon will be comfortable enough to do so - with other players. First on my list is...Kal David. He's sent me some CDs to play along with. I'll be going to Palm Springs to jam with him in the near future."

In 2007 Rob formed The Enzymes along with Murphy Dunne, Larry Treadwell and Howard Greene. Several years later, joined by Phylliss Bailey Brooks and Roxanne Mayweather, the band became the Enzymes with the Active Ingredients. The group plays originals and also tunes from rock and r&b's legendary past. The Enzymes are still going strong as of 2014. Further links to Paul's musical history -

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