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Ronnie Laas

Young Ronnie (centre)with his brother Bob & one other
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Circa 1965

Carol Vega & Trio, 1965 (post Paul)
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Circa 2003

Ronnie was playing in bands in the Chicago area at the same time as Paul. On several occasions he filled Paul's spot in the Mus-twangs when Paul was not available to play. Ronnie remembers that Bobby Simms was the lead singer a that time. From Ron, early 2004:
"i just found the link to poppel's. what memories that brings back peter cetera and i went to the same churh and high school he use to come in to poppel's and see me play and tell me one day i was going to make it. i was so impressed considering he was the best player and singer on the circuit at that time also he was about 3 or 4 years older than i was. i was about fifteen at the time. a while back i did a show with the singer of jimmie and the jeepers along with ronnie lane and norby king. we performed for the induction of jim loundsbury into broadcaster's hall of fame. jan gabriel was there to see us. in 1963 i did a tour with jan and opened for Roy orbison."
In early 1964 Ronnie, Paul and Buddy Riley were involved with recording sessions to back a singer called Metty Earle. The resultant single was Hap Hap Happy New Year/Belong to me which was released on Antone records which was located at 63rd & Kedzie in Chicago. The record was produced by Leonard Simms and Anthony Dee. Ronnie & Buddy were also in a band called "Dick Cero and the four sounds" in about 1963/64. A single, "Beverly", was released by this outfit. Ron was in a band with Mike Anthony in 64 or 65. Ron was on guitar, Mike was on keys, Bill Charmello was on drums and the name of the band and other band members can't be recollected a this stage, although it was probably "The Las Vegas Busters" or "The Busters". From Ron, Early 2004:
"I was in a band with dave cook who was a very good friend of mine the band was called the busters. I was in the band a short time i left and was replaced by harvey mandel who later went on to record with the rolling stones i believe he recorded the black and blue album. Dave passed away about 2 or 3 years ago."
In early 1965 Ronnie replaced Paul as the guitarist for Carol Vega & Trio and played with Carol for a year or more. From 1966 to 1968 he was in a band with Johnny Moyer called "Spectrum of Sound". They toured all over the country including a stay of 9 months in Vegas. Other band members were Pete Wilcox (vocals - he is now a famous Elvis impersonator), Greg Phelps (keyboards) and Nick Rogers (bass). Ronnie was also the last guitarist for Baby Huey who died in 1969. In the early 70's he was in one of the first glam bands, "Sparkle" and later was a sales rep for Gibson guitars. Ron still lives in Chicago at Tinley Park and still has an involvement in the music industy. Go to this web page:
Ronnie Lass Home Page

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