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Gerald (Jerry) Urban


JERRY - 2002

Sax player, Jerry Urban was born on May 14, 1942. Jerry was with Paul from the beginning in 1957 as the Capitols, through to June/July 1963 in the Starfires. He was born in Chicago, and at age 1 year, moved with his parents to Harvey, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago. He went to Ascension Catholic Grade School, Thonton Township High School and also Thornton Township Junior College. He left the band to be married in August of 1963 and moved to the Schaumburg/Elgin, Illinois area. He now lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Jerry's entry in Paul's guestbook 11/7/02:

"Hi Paul ( Norm). This is your OLD buddy from the Mustwangs, and Starfires ! LONG time no talk. I got an e-mail from Rich, and I talked with Chuck on the phone the other day. Hope all is well with you. It would be great to try to hook up and see each other again."

....and taken from an email 18/7/02, Jerry had this to say:
"I can't tell you how wonderfully surprised I was to hear from you all. First the phone call from Chuck (Edelhofer)last week, Then I received the letter and photo card from Keith, and now I received an e-mail and photo from Guy (Frenchy). Over the years I have thought of you all often, and hoped you were all well and doing "OK". I looked up Paul's website....................quite impressive. I am happy to hear he has done so well, as well as you guys have. This will take some getting used to; Norm is now Paul, "Frenchy" is now Guy. That's "OK", you're all still the great guys I remember. I have missed you guys. I'm still married to Florence. We will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary on Aug. 10th. After I got married , I sold my sax. Over the years , I wish I had kept it, as I do miss playing it. Maybe someday I'll get me another. After we got married (1963), we settled in the Schaumburg, Il. area ,and stayed there around 30 years. In the mid-sixties to early 1972 I worked for Armour-Dial, making Dial soap, in various capacities, production management, and some purchasing. In the early 70's I got into the foodservice business, and focused on the purchasing profession. In 1980 I went to work for a large custom foodservice distributor ( restaurant chains only), and worked for them for 21 years. Also in 1980, I became active in the Puchasing Management Association of Chicago( now NAPM -Chicago), a 1200+ member association of purchasing professionals, associated with the NAPM ( Tempe, AZ.), now The Institute for Supply Management. I was President/CEO of NAPM-Chicago for 1993/1994. With them I transferred to Lexington, Ky. in 1994 , to manage the national distribution for the Long John Silver's chain, based here in Lexington. Years ago we fell in love with this area, and planned to retire here someday, so the transfer worked out well for us. I retired last year in June, and I'm in the process of starting up a small consulting business ( semi-retired). I turned "60"in May of this year, but you know what, I don't feel 60. I am so happy we've all finally been able to make contact."

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