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Guy (Frenchy) Germany

Circa 1960

Hawaii, 2002

Thanks to an old school buddy from Thornton Township High School, Frenchy has finally been located. Besides the Capitols, at school Frenchy was also in another band as drummer with Wayne Krocker on sax, Gary Pruitt on bass or trombone, and John DeMatteo on accordion. Wayne and Gary were part of the Thornteers, the TTHS dance band. Frenchy, Jerry Urban, Wayne and Gary all graduated from TTHS in 1960.
He now lives in Richmond, Texas. Guy (Frenchy) had this to say 12/7/02:

"What a nice surprise to get Chuck's (Chuck Edelhofer) call and then hear from you. I will be most happy to answer any and all questions--if my memory still serves me correctly. After all, I will be 60 this Saturday so that fact alone could frighten my memory completely away. I was born on July 13, 1942, in Anderson, Indiana, and lived there until I was approximately 11 years old. Then we moved to Jackson, Mississippi. That is where my desire to play in the school band began. My music teacher told me I was tone deaf and suggested the drums which was not my first choice; but as luck would have it, it worked out to my advantage. Two years later we moved to Florida and remained there until the middle of my sophomore year. The next move was to Dalton, Illinois, which is south of Chicago. I attended Thornton Township High School where I was a drummer in the high school band. That is where I met Keith, Paul (aka Norm) and Jerry. Buddy was never in the school band--he only played guitar. Keith played the baritone sax; Jerry played tenor sax and Paul played the French horn. When Norm had mastered the guitar, the thing that never ceased to amaze me about Paul is that he could listen to a song on the radio one time or two at the most and play it note for note. I need to tell you the horror of horrors that the band pulled on me from time to time. They knew how much I hated drum solos so they would just up and leave the stage leaving me doing them absolutely alone in front of God and everybody.
I left the Mus-Twangs in 1962. I was actually the first member of the Mus-Twangs to leave the group. We were not going anywhere at the time in our careers due to Smash Records not promoting us in any way. We were pretty much left on our own. Also, our manager, Dick Williamson (a Chicago DJ), never helped further our growth. Further, I was not that thrilled with the lifestyle of a musician. I loved to play but felt I needed to do something else with the rest of my life. Because I enjoyed playing so much, I sold my drums so I would not be tempted to go back to it. About 6-8 months after I quit, I received a call to tour in England (with another band). I stood fast and did not go; but over the years, I have often wondered what would have happened had I accepted the offer. I worked for a plastics factory after I left the band - I knew I was on borrowed time I would soon be drafted....and was in 1964. While in the Army at a lounge in the base town of Laton, Oklahoma, I sat in with Charlie Rich and his band. He was a big country western star with the huge hit “Behind Closed Doors”. That was a big treat and also the last time I ever played with a band. I taught a few people to play drums over the years. It is still in your head—just does not come out in your hands like it wants to this many years later. After I got out of the military in 1966, I became a body and fender technician and did that in Chicago until 1978 when I moved to Houston. I opened my own body shop, Hillcroft Paint & Body, and operated it for a number of years until I sold it as it was a royal pain dealing with the public."

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