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Freddy Page (Pappalardo)

Freddy played with Paul whilst the band was known firstly as the Gentrys, then the Rovin' Kind, and finally the Illinois Speed Press. Although not entirely clear, it appears that it would be early 1965 when Freddy and Paul first started playing together. Prior to that Freddy was a one time member of Kal David's band, the Exceptions. Freddy played in a band called Mambo Spud with Frank Bartell and Mike Anthony after the break up of the Illinois Speed Press. He passed away shortly after this. He contracted a very rare form of Leukemia and died within only 3 weeks. Kal David was playing in Woodstock with the Fabulous Rhinestones when the news broke via a phone call from Marty Grebb who was at the hospital with Fred at the moment Fred died. A testament as to how well Freddy was loved is evidenced by the song "Take me back to Chicago", a song written by the band Chicago specifically for Freddy.

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