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Chuck Edelhofer

With The Capitols circa 1960

Circa 2000

August 2002, Berwyn Illinois with Paul

Message from Chuck in year 2000:
"The demo album by the Mus-twangs recorded in 1960 had the hearts and the souls of six teenagers who worked very hard as a group who enjoyed what they did. I thought I was the best singer as I was the only one who sang. However, I think the two that stood out over all were Paul and Jerry Urban. Jerry Urban played the saxophone and had exceptional control over the instrument. Remember, we recorded this demo album in the twilight of the 60's and as I recall it, record producers thought Jerry's version in 'Wolf Pack' was too suggestive to release. Keith Anderson's presence on the bass guitar is very apparent as I listen to the album. Franchot's drums and Buddy's rhythm guitar brought the rest of the group together. We had a lot of fun and as I recall, we played a lot of places and met interesting people. 'Marie' was listed as an up' n' coming song on the March 13, 1961 Top tunes of Greater Chicago. Also on that list were songs by Ral Donner and Linda Scott whom as I remember, we worked with. I always new Paul was very talented as a guitarist, however, I never thought he'd take over my singing gig!
After high school I went onto Southern Illinois University where I graduated with a degree in Communications, Radio & Television. While in college, I formed a group called the Nite-Owls and we worked all over Southern Illinois and Missouri. Worked with Ike & Tina Turner on several occasions. We recorded 6 cuts in the 60's and I did release Pretty Little Woman which, by the way, was released one day prior to Roy Orbison releasing Pretty Woman. Then the army called me and I served in the Army for two years as a television director. After the army I took a job with State Farm Insurance Company where I have been for 32 years...By the way, if you speak to Norm, I mean Paul, tell him that i will be retiring in about four years and may want my singing job back."

At long last, more than 40 years on, Chuck and Paul get to meet again. From Chuck:
Last evening (August 3, 2002) my wife and I had the opportunity to see Paul in concert at Fitgerald's Nightclub in Berwyn, Il. It was a great show and I learned just how old I am getting. Paul did not hit the stage until about 11:15 PM and I would normally have about 2 hours sleep by that time. The show included the original Poco members Rusty Young and George Grantham as well as Paul and Jack Sundrud. The sound was great and the show was what we had expected. Poco played until about 1:30. Poco has a large following as there were a number of people waiting for Paul to come out and autograph their CDs. Fortunately for us, we were at the beginning of the line and were first to see Paul. We only had a few seconds but were able to get a picture of Paul and I before we left. Overall, it was a great experience for me. 42 years is a long time to look back on and I realize now, even though I really enjoyed my times on stage in the late 50's and early 60's, I do not think I would have had the stamina to keep up the life of a professional musician. Paul, on the otherhand, looked good, sounded great, and appeared to enjoy what he was doing as was evidenced by the reception of the audience."

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