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HI!!!!! i'm Miri...yeah I'm 15 and i live in Northern Virginia, USA. I'm in 9th grade. I'm really into music, i listen to mostly rock (i.e. slipknot, metallica, rhcp, korn,sp, you get the idea..) and i play the viola in a few orchestras + a quartet. (cazsar mirmeg? lol) And i uhm like to draw (duh?). ok and i am NOT gonna do shoutouts this time cuz everyone will just yell at me and make me go sniffy sniffle!! . oh and i have to say hi to zoe or she'll kick my ass!!! owwies(merp meep morf!. ok. HI!!!!!!!! bye

icq 10563010
phonefree id 1086544
aim scarletlust
oh yah and my daddy wont let my put my pic up. but you ppl know me anyways so who gives a flying um...freak. lol bye!

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