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Maria's Page

Wow I *love* this browser! You should definetly get it (its free, and You need internet explorer) even has cool skins to download!

Man I've made like $2.50 like in real money on here..Just for like clicking on webpages....I know what you're thinkin...thats not a lot of mula...but its cool cuz u can donate it to charity and stuff :-)

Oh man this place just kicks! Its a vrml (virtual reality) community...and i have a virtual house there...Oh, by the way, If u do sign up (its free) Refer me, please! My name is Fajyaz. Thanks!
This is where I have downloaded 75% of my guitar stuff...they dont update anymore in the tab section, but they have a LOT of tabs :-)

This is the best MP3 player I've run across so far. I definetly recommend it.

More links coming soon!!

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