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Blur 'n' My Vision

Welcome to my Blur page. I have just changed everything on the whole site so I do hope you like what you see. I tried to make everything here my own in every way possible:) Have fun!
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Places to Go...

Lyrics to 13

To Everyone!!

Blur play new song at Meltdown called "Black Book"
Coffee and TV Nominated for MTV VMA!!!
Graham Coxon's new album is super cool and is super released in the US in August Go Here
Hey did you hear about all those people saying that Blur were going to split up...I don't think so!!! Go see for yourself at Music 365

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Okay! Here is a new quiz and the results for the last one were as follows...England so won that one as best place for Blur concerts followed by Other...wherever that may be?
It's 13!!!
On the Cover
"I thought it was me. Then I realised that that was because it's good, and you always think good art is about you, don't you?"-ALEX JAMES

This is the cover of the new album, "13". You have to get it, it is sooo good. I got it and I can not stop listening to it! Go get it, NOW!
And if you haven't gotten it yet, go here...

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