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Navy Memories

They perk me up when I feel low,
they bring back friends I used to know.
If I could travel "way back when",
I'd do the same things once again.

If you would like to share them now,
just listen and I'll tell you how.
First set your thoughts to "years gone by"'
and get ready to wipe a tear from your eye.

You'll see many friends who have passed away,
you'll remember the ship seeing them every day.
You'll think of the duties you shared together,
and the time that was spent in fair and foul weather.

But then, of course, all memories aren't sad,
most of the time they make us feel glad.
And sad or glad whichever they be,
these memories belong to you and to me.

So now as co-owners of these memories,
you're entitled to look as long as you please.
And after you've finished and passed on the file,
you'll feel good, be happy, and I know you'll smile!

Arthur H. Geiger, Radioman, USS LSM 220