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AUGUST, 1944
Commissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard
Reported to Little Creek, Virginia for shakedown cruise in Chesapeake Bay
Ready for sea and departed Berkley, Virginia sailing to Key West, Florida
          Departed Key West sailing to Coco Solo, Panama Canal Zone
Departed Coco Solo sailing to San Diego, California
NOVEMBER, 1944     
Departed San Diego sailing to San Pedro, California
DECEMBER ,1944   
Departed San Pedro sailing to San Francisco, California

JANUARY, 1945           
Departed San Francisco sailing to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
FEBRUARY, 1945         
Departed Pearl Harbor sailing to Tuligi and Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Embarked assault forces at Pavuvu, Russell Islands.
MARCH, 1945               
Pre-invasion maneuvers off Savo and Guadalcanal Islands
Sailing to Ulithi, Caroline Islands
Departed Ulithi sailing to Okinawa Shima, Arsei Shoto
Stood off Okinawa in vicinity of Kererma Retto until "H" hour, Love Day
APRIL, 1945               
Landed forces of the 1st Marine Division on Blue Beach Two
Landed at Yellow Three, Hagushi at the mouth of Bishi Gewa
Landed at the invasion of Ie Shima
Suffered the worst tropical typhoons of the season
Departed Okinawa sailing to Nagoya, Honshu, Japan
Sweep pressure sensitive mines off Kokkaichi, Japan
Departed Nagoya, Japan sailing to Takkaroura, Honshu, Kyushu, Japan

February, 1946         
Departed Takaroura, Japan sailing to Kobe, Japan
Departed Kobe, Japan sailing to Sasebo, Japan
MARCH, 1946             
Departed Sasebo, Japan sailing to Saipan, Marianna Island
Departed Saipan sailing for Eniwetok, Marshall Island
Departed Eniwetok, for Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
APRIL, 1946               
Departed Pearl Harbor for San Pedro, California