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Ship's Company, July, 1944

First Row, Left to Right

Downing, Wilkins, Kozlik, Kelly, Frederick, Boenne, Schofield & Belt

Second Row, Left to Right

Monakino, Piner, Moffit,

Commanding Officer Lt. (jg) John V.W. Zaugg,
Executive Officer, Lt. (jg) William B. Duncan,
Engineering Officer, Ensign Edward O. Helwig,
Gunnery Officer, Ensign John D. Whalley,

Reed, Randino, Schlenker

Third Row, Left to Right

Neiswander, Heath, Hancock, Boyajan, Fucci, Dykins, Enberg, Ceijas,
Lenio, Reavis, Mastandrea, Scott, Kleps, Jenkins & Boese

Forth Row, Left to Right

Mims, Palin, Reynolds, Smith, Frank, Gordon, Geiger, Rollen, Hostetler,
Mikulyuk, Germano, Peck, Schillings, Hall, Ford & Thorton