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The Song Title Writing Contest

July 15 - Sept 23th

I have found that many of the people I know, and even myself, tend to use titles to songs in normal conversation. So, I figured, why not make that a part of our fan fiction as well?

These talented authors wrote some wonderful stories for the contest, and I'm very honored to have them be a part of Tales of the West!

In the Mood (aka a quick throw-together!) - By Kirsten

First place went to Melissa and Lisa at a tie...and second place went to Joanna. Great job ladies!

The Entries

The Diary -- By Lisa

Sowing the Seeds of Love -- By Melissa

White Christmas -- By Allison K. East

The Girl of My Best Friend -- By Wendy

Good Thing Going -- By Suzy

Making Up -- By Ishani

The Heart of the Matter - By Joanna

Letter To Myself - By Beth

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