Site News & Updates
This area will include anything new you have added or take away from your site. Any site improvements can be listed here also. Things you will be adding in at future dates can be placed here as well. You can also, and it is recommended that you include links to specific areas of your site.

All areas of your site, except off-site content (i.e.- sites other than yours) will open in this area. This is an iFrame. They are much like using regular frames. This page is your template page which you will create all your other iFrame pages with.

To do it, all you have to do is open the file named "main.htm". I strongly suggest that you NOT change the <STYLE></STYLE> content whatsoever! If you do, you might affect the look of your template.

More About iFrames
Always remember that when working with iFrames it is extremely important that you change the page source name in your code so that the correct pages will open.

You do this by opening the "home.htm" file and finding this line of code :

<iframe frameborder="0" height="550" width="380" id="main" name="main" scrolling="yes" src="main.htm">Replacement Text For Non-Rendering Browsers</iframe>

The ONLY part of this code line you will need to change is this :


Replace "main.htm" file name with whatever you new page file name is. Like this : src="your-page.htm" . Now your new page will open correctly!

Remember, you MUST do this for each new page you create. The main links are already done for you so you don't have to worry about that.

Have Fun!!

Making Changes To This Template

If you are just beginning with HTML, it is recommended that you not do too much tinkering with this template as it is quite complicated.

There are a few things that SHOULD NOT be changed. Here is a list :

1. Don't change the <DIV></DIV> settings for the iFrame content. It is set exactly the way it should be so that the backgrounds match as closely as possible. Changing it could affect the way your page looks.

2. Don't change the <STYLE> BODY { settings are here } </STYLE>. This will affect the way your page looks. However, if you would like to ADD MORE STYLE ELEMENTS, by all means DO! The BODY portion of the STYLE tag is what makes the background image STAY PUT! Some things will look funny in your HTML or WYSIWYG EDITOR, but it will look fine when you view it in your browser window.

Simple adding of pages and links should be no problem. Also changing link colors and text changes would be fine too. Remember, these are just suggestions to help you with this type of a template. These are NOT rules or anything of that nature.

Extra HTML Help
Here's a list of links to help you with understanding HTML if you need it.

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