Comprehensive Final Review

The following information is a review for your comprehensive final. It will start on Wednesday, February 28.

Vocabulary Terms

Chemistry Alkali metal Avogadro's Number Hypothesis Alkaline Earth Metals
Empirical Formula Chemical Reaction Atom Mole Compound
Atomic Number STP Element Electron Chemical Equation
Mass Matter Proton Neutron Combustion Rxn.
Product Metalloid Reactant Nonmetal Single Replacement Rxn.
Decomposition Rxn. Synthesis Rxn. Density Metal Double Replacement Rxn.
Celsius Periodic Table Spectator Ion Gram Anion
Liter Cation Stoichiometry Meter Net Ionic Equation
Chemical Formula Boyles' Law Volume Ion Charles' Law
Weight Molecule Molarity Nucleus Combined Gas Law
Polyatomic Ion Concentration


  • Know how to fill in a chart with the atomic number, atomic mass, element symbol, element name, protons, electrons, and neutrons.
  • Be able to calculate density problems.
  • Convert metric units.
  • Write full electron configurations for different elements.
  • Given different lengths of lines, be able to accurately measure in centimeters and millimeters.
  • Given a graduated cylinder with water in it, be able to accurately measure the volume in the cylinder.
  • State Dalton's Atomic Theory.
  • State the Kinetic Theory of Motion of gas molecules
  • Given a square from the periodic table, be able to identify the atomic number, atomic mass, chemical symbol, and element name.
  • Calculate the amu of different compounds.
  • Name different compounds.
  • Find the empirical formula of compounds.
  • Find the molecular formula of compounds.
  • Do stoichiometry problems.
  • Calculate titration problems.
  • Calculate molarity problems.