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est. Oct. 1998 Jeremy Glen Castle (Jer)

Oklahoma Original Country Music Singer And Songwriter J.G. Castle's Latest Recordings

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This website was created in 1998 with the heart of traditional country music in mind and an effort has been made to try to keep the content as original as possible. To hear more current songs as well as all the original country music tunes from Jeremy Glen Castle, become a fan at Facebook, subscribe to YouTube, or order mp3s from Amazon at the bottom three links below. Thanks for visiting the site!

Welcome to The Official Jeremy Castle Web Page of Blanchard, Oklahoma's original independent country music recording artist and songwriter Jeremy Glen Castle (BMI). Jeremy has all the grace and style of the male country vocalists of years past. Jeremy recenty wrote the official jingle for the Oklahoma National Stockyards. See the links below to hear this new jingle. Also, you can listen to tracks from Jeremy's 17 song c.d. entitled "FOR A WHILE". This cd consists of: "For A While", "Take My Ring Off Your Finger", "Singin' Again In Texas", "Zero", "Hey Seņorita", "You Ain't Met My Girl", "I Wanna Make Her Mine", "Sleepin' All Alone", "King Of The Country", "Have You Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry", "Anyway", "You Don't Really Care About Me", "That's Alright With Me", "Leavin' Me Far Behind", "Who's Your Daddy", "Her Love Is Like A Freight Train", and "Ain't It Time For Us To Say Goodbye". All songs are written and performed by Jeremy Castle and backed by a live studio band with lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, rhythm guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, harmonica, and background vocals. In a time when country music is drifting away from its true traditional country roots, many radio stations and Nashville producers are starting to lose touch with the true sound of traditional country music. If you like listening to "the old stuff", you are in the right place. Jeremy Castle's music is comparable in quality to any music ever recorded on any major label. Jeremy's music is definitely classic style country and it continues to grow in popularity more each day. Jeremy is in the process of recording his second album titled "The Life We've Chose". Thank you for stopping in.

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