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Hope Memorial Site

Take my hand, and no matter how dark the night, the light of day will come, and we will share the tomorrow.

* * In Memory of Lost Family Members * *
Whose Love will live on through our Memories!

HOPE Memorial Site

In Memory of My Beautiful, Loving Angel

Wendy Nicole Dickens McCammon

August 31, 1976 - March 25, 1998

Wendy's Poem

Angel Gone Home
God has called you home,
To be with him on high.
To be with his other Angels,
To soar across the sky.
The lives you've touched will cherish,
The memories of your gentle heart.
Knowing, but not understanding, why
You had to part.
We'll miss your sunshine smile
But knowing all the while
That you'll be there to greet us
When we walk our last mile.
The Heavens have a brighter light,
Because you're glowing there.
Free, from this world, with no burdens
Left to bear.
You reached out to others with tender
Loving care.
But God has called you home,
Because, he missed you there.
By Janet L. Hobbs
To my best friend, Brenda
With all my love and prayers
April 11, 1998

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This page has been created for the Families of Victims
whose lives have been taken by a wrongful and untimely means.

It is my Hope, that we can come together in our time of need. After such
tragic losses of family members and learn from each other to LOVE,
FORGIVE and go on with living life
to its fullest for our loved ones through ourselves!

Please contact me, so that we can begin sharing our thoughts
and memories together with others. To start the healing process for us all.
I want people to understand that they are not alone in their fears
or feelings of any kind. If we join in this cause as one, we can help in the fight
for tougher laws and longer sentence for people who commit these
devious, cold-hearted, mindless crimes, against our loved ones!

Friends may think we have forgotten
When at times they see us smile.
Little do they know the heartaches,
That our smiles hide, all the while.
Beautiful memories are wonderful things,
That last 'til the longest day.
They never wear out, they never get lost,
And can never be given away.
To some you may be forgotten,
To others, a part of the past,
But to those who love you and lost you,
You memory will always last.
Author Unknown

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Until we meet! STAY SAFE!

HOPE Grief Support Group was founded in 1998
HOPE's Memorial Site was also created in 1998
Last Update October 03, 2010